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From the Editor's Desk  - Brit Elders

The Happy Side of Life - cartoons

Unlock the Positive Potential Hidden in Your DNA 
by James D. Baird Ph.D with Laurie Nadel Ph. D

Thriving at Work Through Forgiveness 
by Deborah Welch Ph.D

Heartwise Relationships: The Glue That Holds Us Together
by Dr. Caron Goode

Releasing Drama and Trauma
by Gary Quinn

Why Did I do That?  Unconscious Actions and Triggers
by Sandra Bemis BCH, CI

Key Words to Your Search Engine: The Link Between Mind and Body
by Kathy Gruver  MS, LMT

3 Seeds to Plant Now: Harvest Physical, Emotional and Mental Well Being
by Kathy Kirk


holistic health

Has Cancer Already Been Cured?
by Tanya Harter Pierce M.A., MFCC

Your Teeth are Part of Your Body
by Dr. Bill Wolfe

Insulin Potentiation Therapy for Cancer
by Martha Grout M.D., M.D. (H)

by Dr. Judith Boice

Menopause and Bio-identical Hormones
by Marianne Marchese ND

Too Busy to Meditate? Think Again!
by Dr. Ronald Alexander

Eliminate Your Allergies…  Through a Diet
by Dr. Doris Rapp

Molecular Surgery…  The Facts of the Future
by Dr. Donese Worden

The Doctor of the Future
by Dr. Robert E. Dahl, BS, RPH, DC

Overcoming Tobacco and Alcohol Abuse
by Howard J. Rankin Ph.D

Lasers and Pain Relief
by Susan Vetrone



What Makes Your Life Dynamic?
An Interview with Journalist Jaime Maussan
by Brit Elders

The PSA Puzzle
by Lee Elders

In Cycle: The Changing Woman
by Lynn Andrews

The Public's Devotion to Lady Diana and Marilyn Monroe: It is all in their Numbers!
by Glynis McCants, The Numbers Lady

Ten Ways I Achieved a Healthy Emotional Balance
by Barbara Altman

Use Mental Feng Shui: Shift Your Mind for Dynamic Living
by Grace Ho

Your Astrology for May- June 2011
by Sandra Helton Ph.D

Sound Advice:
Tapping into Your Heart’s Intelligence Utilizing Soul Sounds
by Barry Goldstein

Companies that Make a Difference
An Interview Peter Gloria Founder of TRTL BOT
by Devra A. Jacobs

Business for "Use by All"... NOT Business as "Use You All"!
by Tom Brennan

Make "Right" Choices: NOT "Wrong" Conflicts
by Doug Noll Esq.

Who Would You Be… If You Didn’t know Your Age? 
by Barbara Berger

Health Secrets Revealed in Your Palm
by Terry Stokes

What You Do With Lemons
Why do We Need God?
by Gary J. McDonald

Editor's Picks for the Best Products for May/June

healthy food

Amazing Benefits of Massage
by Kathy L. Gruver Ph.D, LMT, NHC

Flatten Your Belly with 4 Top Core Exercise
by Joan Pagano

The Notorious Gluten Protein
by Dr. Mara Matison DDS

Canning Diabetic Food Myths
by E. B. Wood

Spice Up Your Life
by Brit Elders

A Sample of Culinary History: Where did all this stuff come from?
by Diane Beck

You are What you Drink
by Kami McBride


The Magic of the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona
by Brit Elders


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